What’s Killing America’s Middle Class?

Jim Hightower

It is said that the rich and poor will always be among us — but nowhere is it written that the middle class is a sure thing. Even in this country of grand egalitarian aspirations … Read moreWhat’s Killing America’s Middle Class?

Robbing Hood: GOP’s ‘Tax Reform’

Will Durst

This tax reform rewards the rich for the hard work of ripping of the rest of us. They’re partying at the Cracker Barrel. Wings are flying out of Hooters. The Olive Garden’s endless breadsticks have … Read moreRobbing Hood: GOP’s ‘Tax Reform’

Why so Many Americans Hate Trump’s ‘Tax Reform’

Jim Hightower

Trump’s ‘tax reform’ will take money from millions of working families and give it to the world’s wealthiest people. Sam Rayburn of Texas, who was a legendary Speaker of the U.S. House in the 1940s … Read moreWhy so Many Americans Hate Trump’s ‘Tax Reform’