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Feb 032016
 By , February 3, 2016
What Really Poisoned the Water in Flint

An undemocratic, unelected “emergency manager” and the governor’s cost-cutting austerity mania doomed Flint residents. The mantra of every Koch-headed, right-wing politico is that government should be run like a business, always focused on cutting costs. Welcome to Flint, Michigan. This impoverished, mostly African-American city has [more…]

Jul 152015
 By , July 15, 2015
Warren Buffet to Head Up 'Billionaires for Greece' Rescue Group

Plans to buy entire country of Greece, pay off its debts, and create ‘a Mediterranean paradise’ ATHENS – Following behind-the-scenes negotiations with the Greek government, an international consortium of billionaires headed by U.S. investor Warren Buffet has offered to purchase the entire country outright for [more…]

Jul 062015
 By , July 6, 2015
Rihanna's Video & Greece: Rockin' Out with Her Glock Out

Everyone’s talking about how violent Rihanna’s new song is, but how will it affect geopolitics? The warning message accompanying the latest video from pop provocateur Rihanna reads: “Scenes of a violent and political nature. You have been warned.” What follows is simply shocking. The video — [more…]

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