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Nov 142014
 By , November 14, 2014
President 'Obuma' Moons Republican Congress, Kardashian-Style

Following Kim Kardashian’s example, politicians around the country rush to bare their ‘assets,’ too WASHINGTON, DC — Following Kim Kardashian’s successful “Break the Internet” baring of her remarkable derriere on the cover of Paper magazine, celebrities and politicians alike are hurrying to hop onto the [more…]

Nov 112014
 By , November 11, 2014
Kim Kardashian Sued for DNA Fiasco

“Dream Derriere” is Kim Kardashian’s new venture Kim Kardashian’s new economic venture has literally turned around to bite her in her sizable butt. Her new company, Dream Derriere, offered a scientific breakthrough for the anatomically challenged. Scientists working in Kanye and Kim’s basement extracted DNA [more…]

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