Top 10 Things Keeping Me Up at Night: Sleepless ’til September!

keeping me up at night

It’s keeping me up at night, counting sheep ’til the Jan 6th Committee returns in September & they haul in the whole frigin’ bunch of Swamp Things!

swamp thing keeping me up at night

I don’t know about you, but when I can’t sleep I make a lot of promises to the man upstairs – but mostly, I worry & wonder about the stupidest things!

So grab a pillow & toss & turn with me!  But don’t worry – the man upstairs only comes over when his wife’s out of town!  haha

Top 10 Things that Keep Me Up at Night

1.  Did Jack & Jill have a bucket list?

2.  Why do all these sheep look alike?

3.  I’ll never eat pizza at a luau again!

4.  Can you hit yourself with a hammer?

5.  Do I smell coffee or bacon?

6.  If I were a twin, would she be sleeping?

7.  I shoulda listened to my kids: ‘Give blood right before bed’!

8.  Why did I lose my virginity to him?

9.  Ocean sounds, rain on roof, sex next door – I give up!

And 10.  If my lover takes a Viagra placebo, will he still play hard to get?

#2 in the Series of ‘Sleepless ’til September’ – COMING SOON!  Watch for it.

Marilyn Sands