Things You Can Do Before You Shoot Your Dog: Top 10!

shoot your dog

Advice to Gov. Kristi Noem: Don’t shoot your dog! And don’t let your little dog’s problems get your goat!

I can prove that if Kristi Noem came to me before she shot her family dog – her dog would’ve done it for her!

Top 10 Things You Can Do Instead of Shoot Your Dog!

10. Put a sign up saying ‘Lost Dog – answers to ‘sweetie!’ Then send her to the store for milk!

9. Get a male dog & tell her, ‘Here’s something you can hump & not get swatted with a newspaper!’

8. Get her an ‘inflatable blow-up dog’ – she’ll try to smell his butt & die of boredom!

7. Give her guilt! When she licks her genitals, tell her she’s going straight to hell!

6. Show her ‘a pregnancy test stick’ & then turn the gas on for her!

5. Show her your high dog food bills & she’ll join a ‘MAGA’ in protest of Biden!

4. She’ll drown herself in her water bowl if you buy a new puppy & say, ‘Who’s a good girl?’

3. For a week, call her by a different name & she’ll slit her wrists!

2. Sit her down with photos & tell her what all your past dogs could do!

And the #1 thing to do instead of you shooting your dog: Hand her a leash & a chair!

Marilyn Sands