Feeling Blue in the Age of Orange Trump? The Humor Times Will Help You Through!

The recent election was a real downer for an actual majority of the country. The Humor Times is here to help you through the next four years!

Yeah, we know. It hurts. After all, the majority of voters rejected the “Mango Mussolini,” as our great humor columnist/famed national comedian Will Durst calls him. Yet, due to the ‘magic’ of the Electoral College, Trump won the election.

Subscription, election, Trump, fake news, alternative factsBut never fear, help is on the way!

The Humor Times will soothe your soul and make you laugh! After all, it’s hard to stay blue when you’re smiling.

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Our motto is, “Don’t cry about the news, laugh about it, with the Humor Times!” In these crazy days, it can help you stay sane.

Subscription, election, Trump, PutinEach issue of the Humor Times features pages and pages of the very best editorial cartoons, arranged by subject and connected with a running narrative that simulates a news story. “The news in cartoons,” if you will!

We also give you some great “fake news” stories, ala The Onion, humor columns by the hilarious political comedian Will Durst, populist Jim Hightower, and much more.

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[Originally posted 11/14/16.]