Post Post-Truth: A Poem

Post Post-Truth

There once was a time
it pains me to say
when facts were demeaned
and truth was passé

Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Words were adornments
designed to excite
not to enlighten
or prove wrong from right

The news was all fake
but nobody cared
’cause others got gored
and passions were flared

The President spoke
in truncated tweets
berating dissenters
while spreading deceits

Deplorables prayed
this stream of foul guff
would bring forth good jobs
but it twernt enough

So next voting day
not giving a damn
they ousted the tricksters
who pulled off their scam

Now history shows
post-truth was a lie
on beliefs alone
one cannot rely

So live by cold facts
and don’t be a chump
like voters were in
the Dark Age of Trump

Rick Blum