The Self-Applauding President… but Will He Go Blind?

I first noticed Trump applauding himself at his campaign rallies, where he was his own cheerleader.


Ever notice Donald Trump chronically applauds himself ?  Isn’t that like mastur… I don’t know — that’s why I’m asking you!

I first noticed Trump applauding himself at his Campaign Rallies where he was his own Cheerleader.


But, boy did he blow his own horn at the State of the Union Address & I almost missed it — I was too mesmerized by The Pence-Pez Dispenser behind him doing his thing!

Let’s face it — clapping along with an audience serves a purpose — it’s a cheap way to get the audience to mimic you.  Trump’s no fool — he knows exactly when to clap –– he gets his followers to forget what he just said because they’re too busy clapping!  You know — The Simon Sez approach or Monkey See, Monkey Do!


I’ll admit, as a former Stand-Up Comic; I’ve caught myself laughing after telling a joke — but with my act I had to — I’m allergic to tomatoes! Ha ha!

Take my Joke: “My husband says Sex is like Golf — you don’t have to be good at it to enjoy it… he’s telling me!”

I’d giggle & then go on to: “Take my daughter please — she’s more like my husband every day & a lot like her father too!”

Oh no – I didn’t laugh after all my jokes — I have some pride left.  If they didn’t like one, I would say, “If you don’t want to laugh — cough, okay — at least it sounds like a laugh!”

And, sometimes I would say, “I’m hearing these for the 1st time too!” And, then I surely would laugh!

Lots of Comics laughed after telling a joke — Phyllis Diller called it ‘nerves’ & rising star, Eddie Murphy (when he was in character) had a honking guffaw & endeared us all.

For a Comic, if we pre-laugh — it’s a plus; it can change the pacing & can assist or even save a joke.  So, I figure, by clapping for himself; Trump has saved his rump over & over again — without ever letting on.

Me?  I’d rather have a laugh than applause.  No ‘Standing O’ for me; heck — if the laugh turns into a fart –– that’s nirvana!

Why, thank you!  ha ha

You see, I’ll even go into my Toilet Humor desperation bag to make the evening a success — but not this time:

My Editor wanted to call this “Trump Gives Himself the Clap” — but I heard there’s a Medical Gag Order after the leak!

No, Trump didn’t write another Tweet… Olestra Potato Chips!

Marilyn Sands