[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump Vie in New Rival Reality TV Shows

New reality TV shows each use a different twist on the old Superman TV show.

Rival Reality TV Shows, Super Trump, Super StormyTwo new reality TV shows will make their debut shortly on cable networks. Coincidentally, they both have modeled the opening of each episode on the introduction to the popular 1950’s TV show, Adventures of Superman. We have the exclusive on the two show introductions, leaked recently by an anonymous Hollywood source:

Show #1: Stormy Knight

Makes ’em come faster than a speeding bullet, pelvis more powerful in locomotion, able to mount powerful men in a single bound.

Look! Up on the screen!
It’s a cow!
It’s a porn star!
No, it’s Super Stormy!

Yes, Super Stormy, strange visitor from the porno screen, who came to fame with boobs far bigger than those of mortal women. Super Stormy, who can change the course of mighty careers, hold their body parts in her bare hands, and who, disguised as a screen actress, fights the never-ending battle for money, fame and the American way. Watch this station and the National Enquirer for more episodes in the ongoing X-rated adventures of Super Stormy!

Show #2: Twitter Patter

Tweets faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful but loco, able to change positions radically in a single bound.

Look! Up in the White House!
It’s a birdbrain!
It’s plain–
It’s Stupor Trump!

Yes, Stupor Trump, who acts like a visitor from another planet, came to the White House with powers and abilities far below those of average men. Stupor Trump, who has changed the course of a mighty democracy, bent the truth with his bare tiny thumbs. And who, disguised as “President,” wild-mannered defamer of all metropolitan newspapers and reporters, fights a never-ending battle against truth, justice, and the American Way. Watch another episode each day of the exasperating misadventures of Stupor Trump!

Diane de Anda