Gobbledygook: Trump Talks Turkey in the Rose Garden

His Rose Garden “Emergency” speech was all over the place, as Trump talks turkey — again.

Trump Talks Turkey

Geez, November has come & gone & we’re still hearing Jive Turkey!

Trump Talks Turkey

That’s right – our president took the podium in the Rose Garden & was he a chatterbox!

But, who can blame him for babbling – he’s running scared; Manafort’s getting 2 Life Terms – his Trump’s!

But, we can’t stop watching now – Mueller almost has him by his… long hairs!

Hey, this event was billed as an announcement for making it clear that he’s taking an emergency measure for the payment of his wall.  But, before he got to it; he literally did a sing-songy & dance! 

I think he wants to get back into show business!

To me, he was like a 1950’s nervous Teenage boy going to the Druggist & asking for Prophylactics…

“I’ll take a pack of razor blades, a comb, Blackjack gum, Sen-Sen & condoms!”

But, instead of getting to the big ‘ta da’ – first he treated us to a conversation with China’s leader on drug dealers, digs on I-want-to-spend-more-time-with-the-family Paul Ryan & his relationships with Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh & Ann Coulter who he wouldn’t be able to recognize in a Line-Up even if he tried!

That’s right – Trump didn’t come up for air either!

Trump also gave many in the psychiatry field a window into his id on his fascination with taped & tied up women crossing the border!

To paraphrase ‘Nancy’ with the smiling face:

‘He’s just projecting everything he is to others – you know, like Pee-Wee Herman said, ‘I know you are, but what am I’!

And, poor ‘Chuck’ with the furrowed brow:

 ‘Mitch, Mitch – for the love of G-d & Turtles – HELP’!

Marilyn Sands