Marianne Williamson’s Mood Ring Ruse

Marianne Williamson

‘I could still be a Contenda Marianne Williamson’ has a Presidential Race ace up her tie-dyed sleeves!

Marianne Williamson

mood ring

Mood Rings rock!

For those who weren’t born back in the day or ever heard of the phrase ‘Free Love’ – let me explain.

Everyone knows you get a Mood Ring immediately after you’ve had sex at Woodstock – kind of a ‘Parting Gift’!

These mystical baubles can tell what kind of mood someone’s in & that’s the 2020 ace-in-the-hole play for Marianne Williamson. 

Yeah, it’s like a Rectal Thermometer; but for your finger!

And, her plan has already begun – she just gifted Donald Trump a personalized version so when he wears it to the Presidential Debates – she or any other opponent will see what kind of emotional state he’s in & have a heads-up.

Marianne Williamson, trump

She says it’s not as effective as the Greeks ‘Trojan Horse’ caper; but would appreciate some Kimbaya for the effort.

If there’s no change in color – it means Trump’s all those things & a bag of chips.

Look, it’s more scientific than the Magic 8 Ball!

Black – He’s excited.

He invited Elijah Cummings & Frederick Douglass for lunch at the White House & according to him – both RSVP’d!

Puce – He’s nauseous.

He just saw the photo of himself in that English Tuxedo!

Yellow – He’s scared.

His Bone Spurs acted up & had to cancel his Prostate appointment.

Orange – He’s panicky.

He ran out of Max Factor‘s ‘Embalmed’!

Purple – He’s weak.

He just gave blood for the 1st time & expects the Purple Heart now!

Pink – He’s bloated.

He has to let out his Zebra Speedo!

And, Green – He’s euphoric.

He finally got money for the Border Wall but wondering if the ‘T’ is too big & Mitch McConnell said, ‘Don’t worry we can fill it in with refried beans’!

Marilyn Sands