Russia, If You’re STILL listening…

Of course Putin’s still listening!

still listening

You never know who’s got Putin’s ear… but with Trump’s loose lips, the transmissions are loud & clear. 

As angry as we are with Trump, our not-so covert operator; with this list – we just have to play along!

“I’m fine here – well, holding my own until Melania came in! ha ha

C’mon Vlad!  Is this on”?

“About that pre-order – I think I’d like to have it now.  Free Shipping, right?  Send it to Mar-a-Lago – not the White House – they’re a little suspicious lately.”

“If you’re not busy – here’s my ’10 Items or Less’ Order”!

10.  2 TINS OF BELUGA CAVIAR!  Eric counts the fish eggs & then puts them on his Big Mac!

9.   A DOZEN BLINI!  Stephen Miller’s Wedding Gift & throw in your best *Manure!  

*Ignore this one, Vlad; I think a Dem ‘Post-Noted’ this one in!

8.  BOOK DONALD JR. 2 Tickets on the Vulva River Cruise!

7.  A BABUSKA!  Mitch McConnell wants to hide out in Iowa – he has a Waiting Cow-a-Milking!

Still listening

6.  100 GALLONS OF WODKA!  It’s for Bill Barr – he suddenly developed a Bathtub Fetish!

5.  SHARPIES!  What can I say, I doodle – I ran out filling-in St. Petersburg & Siberia!

4.  A BORSCHT COOKBOOK!  What a Trouper – Melania always looks 4 years ahead!

3.  Bagful of MOSCOW McDONALDS!  I can’t trust them over here – Jose is a Never-Trumper & the Fry Count is way off!

2.  Okay, one of those freakin’ RUSSIAN NESTING DOLLS!  I want to play ‘3 Doll Monte’ with Barron to show him how to juggle Dictators!

Oh, & #1.  Do you still have the PHONE NUMBERS for Olga & Urina?

Still listening
Marilyn Sands