Trump’s Cry for Help: The Insanity Defense

Insanity Defense

Little did we know Donald Trump played a fool for the 25th Amendment get-out-of-jail loophole (the Insanity Defense)!

Never really wanting the presidency & beleaguered by his own incompetence & fate; Donald Trump puts a plan in place to free himself by opting for ‘The Insanity Defense’.

The voluntary Test led by Dr. Oy Yme of John Hopkins Psychiatry Dept. is being conducted as we speak.

Dr. YME – What’s your name?

DONALD TRUMP – Napoleon.

DOCTOR – Are you sure?

TRUMP – Okay, Einstein.

DOCTOR – Please don’t be a wise guy.

What’s your mother’s maiden name?

TRUMP – Mommy.

DOCTOR – On her Birth Certificate.

TRUMP – I wasn’t there.

DOCTOR – What color am I holding up?

TRUMP – Orange.

DOCTOR – No, blue!

Do you know why you’re Impeached?

TRUMP – My Ties are too long.

DOCTOR – Do you know what the Peter Principle is?

TRUMP – My Doc said a shot of Penicillin & it would clear up.

DOCTOR – I have to determine if you know right from wrong.

TRUMP – Let me make it easy for you – once I gave Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg a Wedgie!

DOCTOR – If you were an animal what would you be?

TRUMP – An ant.

DOCTOR – That’s not an animal.

Are you playing dumb?

TRUMP – If you buy it!

DOCTOR – Do you know you could be removed from office for being crazy?

TRUMP – Could you?

DOCTOR – You seem to really want to be nuts – how long have you been working on it?

TRUMP – Since the elevator.

DOCTOR – Don’t you mean ‘the escalator’?

TRUMP – No, first we rehearsed in the elevator.  I did try to jump out my Trump Tower window once – will that help?

DOCTOR – Shooting yourself would’ve been better.

TRUMP – For who?

DOCTOR – Your case…shows you’re mentally disturbed.

TRUMP – I’ve been trying!  And, all these daily Covid briefings – I’ve proved it.  I got the best ratings & just about to throw Dr. Fauci under the bus!

What will it take, Doc?

DOCTOR – Go to the Grocery Store without a Mask!

Insanity Defense

Marilyn Sands