First Lady’s Daily Briefing Reveal: Top Ten

daily briefing

Yes, Melania Trump got her warnings – also ‘not verified’!

Just like the President who sometimes gets his PDB every morning – 1st Lady Melania Trump received a Daily Briefing from her mother before she got married.


10. Don’t ask him to wear a condom unless you give him a Lone Ranger mask to go with it!

daily briefing

9. After sex, if he leaves money on the dresser – take it & leave change!

8. When he asks, ‘Was it good for you’ & he answers, ‘Yes, it was’…

7. Don’t get pregnant – he’ll brag he did it himself!

6. Don’t let any man make you change your face or boobs just so you can ride an escalator!

daily briefing

5. Don’t play golf with him because you’re a girl – and, two – he’d make you find his balls!

4. If it looks like a duck & smells like a duck…

daily briefing

3. If he asks if you’d like to live in a white house with a picketed fence – say ‘No, our Condo in Moscow is ready!


2. If he threatens to send you back to the old country – tell him, ‘Pfft, I LOVE NEW YORK’!

And, #1…If none of these don’t work – get a pet snake & tell him ‘It’s harmless’!


Marilyn Sands