What Trump DIDN’T Say on Chris Wallace Interview: Top 10

I watched it & so did you! Finally, Chris Wallace of Fox News gave us a true glimpse into the tortured mind of our American President.

Watching the Chris Wallace interview was like looking thru a one-way mirror in a psych ward watching the truth serum kick in.

So did you hear what I heard?

10.  ‘Kayleigh, get me ‘Lie #296′ in the binder’!

questions about Chris Wallace

  9.  ‘Kids today!  When I had the sniffles – my father would read me “Mein Kampf‘!

8.  ‘I don’t have a grudge & never mix them up – but I do think Joe O’Biden will lose’!

7.   ‘My favorite Beautiful War was the Civil War…loved it when Cap’n Butler finally gave Prissy minimum wage’!

6.  ‘My niece Mary, The Tramp; will never help me launder my money again’!  

  5.  She actually said in her book, my father’s monster had been set free – but I can dance!

Mel Brooks, “Young Frankenstein” 1974

  4. ‘Don’t tell Melania I love Porn! 

I watch, I read, look at the stuff’!

  3. ‘I know my History – 1492 was the first time someone ate Green Bean Casserole’!

  2.  ‘And, in the year 1619 – they put Fried Onions on it’!

Chris Wallace

 And #1…’You know, I always said I’ll probably go to hell & I’ll be right eventually’!

  Chris Wallace

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