Nostalgic for 2019

Are you, too, nostalgic for the good old days – like 2019?

Despite my advancing years, I’ve never much cared for those nostalgia e-mails celebrating the 1950s. As I recall that era, it was filled with unsafe vehicles, unhealthy food, limited medical treatments and widespread racism, sexism and homophobia.

nostalgicFor the most part, I prefer the present day, except perhaps for the ongoing pandemic. And that is why I’d like to receive a nostalgic e-mail celebrating the joys and wonders of 2019 as in, do you remember when:

  • You had no idea what PPE meant.
  • Washing one’s hands was only an occasional activity.
  • Dining out was a regular unexceptional treat.
  • Masking was an adjective used with the word “tape.”
  • No one took your temperature when you entered a store or shopping center.
  • You weren’t afraid to go to the hospital if necessary.
  • Watching movies often took place in a cinema.
  • Wearing masks, particularly if you were a Muslim woman, was sometimes frowned on.
  • Kids spent the whole day in school.
  • You couldn’t recall if you had any hand sanitizer in your home, your car or at all.
  • No one criticized you for handling the fruits and vegetables at the grocery store.
  • You didn’t think twice about being a straphanger on the bus or subway.
  • You never worried about your TV overheating.
  • You never heard of COVID-19.
  • Your clothes still fit you.
  • Sweatpants were only for weekends.
  • Lineups were a nuisance, not a health hazard.
  • Toilet paper was cheap and plentiful.
  • You never used that stationary bicycle you bought years ago.
  • Airplane travel was not terrifying.
  • You didn’t obsessively follow pandemic statistics.
  • Netflix was not an absolute necessity.
  • Your coffee table was filled with travel brochures.
  • The mask-wearing and hand washing habits of others was of no concern to you.
  • Hand shaking was common.
  • Hugs were an accepted show of affection.
  • You weren’t afraid to go to Costco.
  • You actually looked forward to 2020.
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