This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Overinflation

Be careful the middle-class bubble doesn’t burst over overinflation!

overinflation bug-eyed
Bug-eyed over overinflation.

Greed accompanies Big Business.

Cheap shots often become very expensive.

Disinformation makes up for all it’s lie-abilities.

Energy profiteers want US to believe it’s never too oily to raise gas prices.

Whoever corrupts must go down!

People are getting eaten alive by their grocery bills.

Beware of white elephants that live in ivory towers.

Loose cannons crack pots.

Putin’s economy: From ruble to rubble, it’ll be on the double!

Sanction now, isolator.

Funny how plans go awry.

Democracy freed ’em from oppression.

Never apologize for having a heart.

Why are people so illogical? No reason.

Lonely people are always most haunted by the memories they never had.

There are way too many clowns in the world to take life seriously.

Me and my buds, we’d smoke weed.

To make a long story short, it’s never too late.

What if there is no what if?

Ralph Lombard