This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Republican Sheep on the Lamb

Republican sheep heard shear madness!

GOP cover-up sweeps all of the dirt under a thug.

Republican sheep
Republican sheep heard shear madness.

You can always count on Trump to take a victory slap.

It’s not about “you,” it’s about U-S-A!

Fox news propaganda: “Talk-sick” for America.

Republicans: Their lies betray all.

To a list of those I respect and admire I must add Mitt.

Trump vs. Pelosi: Terrorist vs. Tearerist.

If you hate speech, shut-up!

Trump’s reelection campaign: For more fears!

Racist the urge to discriminate.

Republicans want health scare for all.

Conservatives are against any change that doesn’t end up in their own pocket.

Big business: Super-size Monopo-lies.

One-percenters have become too big for their riches.

Counting for more on less is governmental non-census.

If you’re all alone you’ve got no one to blame but yourself.

The perfect gift for the woman who has everything: More closet space!

How to make love last: Wait until the very end of the day.

Follow your heart until it stops.

Ralph Lombard