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Jun 102017
 By , June 10, 2017
Will You Enlist in Trump's War?

Trump might have dodged military service in his youth, but he is pondering a real shooting war now. Doggonit, Donald Trump missed the opportunity to become a General Patton-style military commander and glorious war hero back in the Vietnam era. He surely would’ve been the [more…]

Jan 182017
 By , January 18, 2017

What Trump DIDN’T say in his blustery speeches will surprise his supporters. Buckle up, friends. Most Americans are about to be detoured onto a rough and rocky back road called “Trump Way.” The autocratic tycoon was unabashed on the campaign trail in promising his victory [more…]

Jul 202016
 By , July 20, 2016

The ‘political revolution’ Sanders spoke of is actually happening – join in with the serious, but fun, work! As we approach the upcoming Democratic convention, let’s look back at the race… and forward to the future. The mainstream media tried to reduce the two Democratic [more…]

Sep 232015
 By , September 23, 2015

Democracy is never given to us, but must be won. As Henrik Ibsen said: “You should never wear your best trousers when you go out to fight for freedom and truth.” Democracy is never given to us, but has to be won through constant struggle [more…]

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