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Apr 012014
 By , April 1, 2014
Procrastination Not Covered Under Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act deadline for signups has passed: Procrastinators object, saying theirs is a preexisting condition. Shirley Blessfield has been putting off getting an insurance policy under the Affordable Care Act (or ACA). She claims that she had every intention of getting a policy [more…]

Mar 162014
 By , March 16, 2014

President Obama as Shapeshifter It was more amusing than piano-playing kittens to see Barack Obama plug the Affordable Care Act on Zach Galifianakis’ internet comedy show. Not late night. Not basic cable. An internet show: “Between 2 Ferns.” Even funnier was the President trotting out [more…]

Nov 102013
 By , November 10, 2013

Barrack Obama has seen better days The perfect time to address disappointment is go to never and wait. Most of us would rather speak of inadvertent bowel movements in public. Especially when the person you’re bummed with is a loved one. Whatever it takes not [more…]

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