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May 032016
 By , May 3, 2016
Why Turning 65 Is So Great

A few reasons turning 65 is actually pretty awesome! Turning 65 is daunting – a definite tunnel at the end of the light – but the more I think about it, the more I can identify the pluses (and not just plus sizes) that accompany [more…]

Oct 292014
 By , October 29, 2014

Speculation on Renée Zellweger’s new face What’s happened to Renée Zellweger? From the photos it’s hard to tellweger. It looks like some surgery Created a furgery That no longer resembles the rellweger.  

Mar 092013
 By , March 9, 2013
Baby Boomers See the Bright Sides of Extreme Maturity

Focus on the upside, Boomers: We’re not old, we’re vintage Some fancy-dancy public-policy think-tank just released a brand-new study that speculates the legion of aging baby boomers will permanently redefine retirement. Mainly because so few of us will be able to afford to retire. “Uh, [more…]

Apr 192012
 By , April 19, 2012
Older Drivers: Should They Be Tested?

Some call it profiling. Some call it discrimination. Some call it stereotyping. Some call it “Grandma, you can’t keep ripping off my metropolitan phonebook in order to see over the steering wheel!” Whatever one’s gut reaction to the issue of older drivers, the aging of [more…]

Apr 082012
 By , April 8, 2012

By Tim Mollen Journal entry:  September 15, 2005 (age 36) This past spring, on a shoe-shopping trip with my in-laws, a pair of black sneakers caught my eye.  I realized that every pair of white sneakers I had ever bought had been ruined by rain, [more…]

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