These Two Presidents Had a Wayward Son…The Good, The Bad & The Funny!


George Washington & Joe Biden have more in common than we think: a wayward son & crossing the Delaware!

Our 1st President married Martha, a 27 year old widow with four kids – so yes, George had a wayward son, the stepson from Hell!

Goes to prove the Apple didn’t fall very far from the Cherry Tree!

I’m sorry!

But right now it’s Joe Biden’s turn with son Hunter as he goes thru the trials of parenthood on the world stage.

As for George Washington’s stepson, Jacky – when he was 6, he was punished for not picking up his toys & was so angry he called the President ‘a Dictator’!

When Jacky was 8 – he nailed signs on every Whorehouse door in town!

wayward son

Coincidently, the very same day Jacky found out that George also mounted Vernon!

I’m really sorry  haha

At age 10, little Jacky tried to sell fake ‘Freedom Papers’ to the House Slaves!  And, to sucker them in – he gave each one a shiny Quarter to start a new life!

Don’t knock it – that’s a million dollars in today’s money!  Too soon?

wayward son quarter

And, it only gets worse!  At age 12, Jacky smoked his way thru the Mt. Vernon Tobacco fields, broke into the Plantation’s Rye Whiskey Distillery & hasn’t been heard from since!

wayward son


Believe it or not – this has been a Public Service Announcement! haha

BTW – George Washington was troubled by Slavery. So in his Will he left directions for the emancipation of all the slaves that he owned after the death of Martha! But she got wise & freed them right away! Wiki is my bible!

Marilyn Sands