‘Doin’ The Boebert Vap-O-Rub’: Exhibitionists’ Night Out!


Denver’s Musical “Beetlejuice” got exhibitionists like Congresswoman Lauren Boebert to do more than tapping their toes!


This is no ‘puff piece,’ but Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert & her date (the exhibitionists) made a scene in a family-friendly audience in Denver.  She was seen & heard hootin’ & hollerin’ & smokin’ & strokin’ & caught on security cameras!

And that was just signing bills at the Capitol!  haha

At first, she not only denied smoking in the theater – but didn’t have a clue that ‘vaping’ would have side effects like:

AMNESIA – She forgot she was smoking a second ago, that she had a prestigious job in Washington & a Bra!

FONDLING – Go figure – turns out ‘Death, Cemeteries & Fun House Sets’ make her horny!

SING-A-LONGS – WTF! ‘Who let the Dogs out’?

PETTING – See ‘Sing-a-Longs’!

DRESS DISHEVELMENT – Give me a break!  That dress was unhooked before the Orchestra played the Overture!

STUPIDITY – ‘Dating a Democrat & letting him ruin my chances to get re-elected’!  (by 5 votes again)  haha

‘HICKEY HEAVEN’ – She said, ‘What can I say, Dems always leave a mark’!

LYING – ‘No, I was just wiping the popcorn off his zipper’!

PUSHING HER WEIGHT AROUND – When she was strong-armed out, she roared, “Do you know who I am”?

She really said that!  Me – only at the Deli Counter!

And, MORNING-AFTER-BREATH APOLOGIES – ‘You’ll see, I can be serene!  Next time I’ll go to the theater with Marjorie Taylor Greene’!


Marilyn Sands