White House: A Calmer Donald J Trump

A sudden and grave development at the White House involving President Trump leaves everyone stunned and confused, especially Melania Trump.

By Elaine Abraham

Melania in her flowing ebony Yves St Laurent mourning gown paces the West Wing of the White House – walking by the Oval Office and the Cabinet Room before stopping in front of the closed doors of the Situation Room. Fox, CNN, all the networks are camped outside in the rose garden waiting for the official news. Even before the autopsy report, rumors abound that President Donald Trump did not die of a heart attack as reported; he was poisoned.

White House, Sarah huckabee sanders
A concerned Sarah Huckabee Sanders tries to quiet concerns.

Melania thinks there must be more people here than at her husband’s inauguration. “Donald would be so upset,” Melania says to nobody. She can see the flickering lights and a sea of correspondents from the hallway window and can almost hear Donald sneer, “Look at all those vultures.”

Inside the Situation Room the FBI, NSA , CIA, and DC police detectives have gathered with VP Mike Pence. Melania was told that Don Junior and Eric are inside, too. “When will they come out and tell me something?” Melania wonders. “Why did they tell me to wait outside?” She has her ear practically to the door and hears someone asking John Kelly if he knows if anybody would want to kill the president. “Yes, of course. Over 100 million people in the US alone, sir. ”

Then Melania sees Gabriella, the longest-serving White House maid walk in. Surely, she will talk to Melania. But within moments she exits and avoids Melania’s gaze. When will she, the First Lady be brought in, she wonders. Melania cannot continue to pace, she finds a chair and positions herself outside the door. Surely, they will call her in soon.

Ivanka, wearing a short black dress with exposed cleavage, walks past Melania with a half-smile of acknowledgment and enters the room. Melania wants to talk to someone but who? Surely, not his children – the trio who rule the White House. When she says their names aloud, she suddenly realizes the initials to their first names, Don, Ivanka, Eric spell the word, DIE. “Oh my goodness,” Melania mutters. Then she realizes she could add a T, the initial for his younger daughter, Tiffany. “That’s better,” the four children’s initials combined spell the word, DIET.

The door opens fully and FBI head Christopher Wray addresses Melania, motions her to enter and points to one of the Chippendale chairs she has always hated but dutifully Melania sits down.

“I’m sorry ma’am during your time of bereavement; we have distressing news. The preliminary autopsy showed that your husband had a large quantity of Alprazolam in his blood. The pathologists are still at work but it seems someone deliberately wanted to kill the President.

“What kind of poison?”

“Ma’am, we didn’t say poison. There were large quantities of Alprazolam in your husband’s blood – that is the active ingredient in Xanax.”

Melania gasps and collapses.

When she wakes up she sees that she’s been placed on the sofa in the far corner of the room and there is a cold compress on her forehead. Melania sits up on the sofa and announces, “I have something to say.” But nobody listens to her amid the cacophony of voices and cell phones ringing around the room. Melania pulls herself up and walks back to the table.

“Please, please listen to me.”

“You should lie down ma’am. You don’t look well. I know this is a shock.”

“I need to speak. Last night my husband, after he hung up on Vladimir, began screaming and I couldn’t calm him down. His face turned red and he began pacing, back-and-forth. I told him I would give him my herbal tea to relax him. Gabriella brought in the tea and when Donald was in the bathroom I slipped in two of my Xanax pills. Just to calm him. Two pills, that’s all.“

“Are you saying you …you killed your husband, Mrs. Trump.”

“No, it was only two pills and I know that could not have killed Donald. During the campaign, I once gave him three pills. The week when he was agitated at that beauty queen waking up at 3 AM, writing crazy tweets. “

“My God, Oh, my God. “ Ivanka walks over to Melania. “You did what? I told you I would take care of my father. I would keep him calm.”

“But you didn’t!”

“Yes, I did. I gave him three of my Xanax with his dessert at dinner. It takes time for the pills to work.”

The room suddenly turns quiet. All heads are shifting back-and-forth, between Melania and Ivanka .

FBI chief Christopher Wray bristles, “That meant he had five. Is that enough to kill a person? We’ll have to check with the medical examiner. Anybody else been giving the President their Xanax?” Ivanka turns to Eric who has stayed silent in the corner of the room. “Eric, did you?”

“But that was when I met him mid-afternoon. Nothing later.”

John Kelly screams, “This is unbelievable. How am I going to explain this? His family, the President’s own family kills the President. My God! Look, my hands are shaking. My heart palpitations are back. Who has a Xanax?”

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