The 22 Names on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Visitor Log

They say there is no Mar-a-Lago visitor log – but we expose it in this exclusive!

Mar-a-Lago visitor log

Who is President Trump hiding? Well, wonder no more!

Mar-a-Lago visitor log

After saying the Mar-a-Lago Visitor Log didn’t exist; we’ve got to give Donald Trump a lot of credit for releasing them — showing us there’s still hope for his Tax Returns!

Oh, we’re not talkin’ about the heads of Japan & China who ate at Trump’s, but later had Pad Thai delivered — we mean the unaccounted one’s who slipped in thru the pantry, down the Dumbwaiter & fell in the Infinity Pool in Trump’s pajamas — without giving their name, country of birth & Mother’s maiden name!

But, we’re in luck — Ethics watchdog groups promised the public a list of all visitors to Mar-a-Lago & after a lot of quick black-line redacting — here’s what the Trump team came up with in the name of transparency:


2  Igor ADAMS


4  Vladislav MADISON

5  Mikhail MONROE


7  Dmitry JACKSON

8  Nikita VAN BUREN


10  Stanislav TYLER

…and for my amusement, I skipped to…
11  Yury O’BAMA

And, to round out the 22 – because of the dancing…their wives & significant lovers!

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