[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

Leonardo DiCaprio Warns Deporting Dreamers Could Leave Them ‘Stuck in a Dream’

DiCaprio sparks more controversy over Dreamers

HOLLYWOOD, CA — After having criticized Trump over his energy policies, actor Leonardo DiCaprio has gotten behind a new issue: Trump’s deportation of the dreamers.

Leonardo DiCaprio Warns Dreamers“Look, I know a thing or two about dreams,” said DiCaprio, addressing a crowd of young Hispanics, many of whom are uncertain about their futures in the US thanks to Trump.

“You can get so caught up in the dream, you don’t know what reality is anymore. Inception is scary! Your wife might kill herself!” DiCaprio screamed, before wiping away the tears and realizing he had gone off topic.

“If Trump tries to deport you, you could get stuck in the American dream,” DiCaprio continued, to a room full of applause. DiCaprio’s next line, “I want to get you back to your Mexican reality,” however, was met with condemnation by the audience.

DiCaprio also sparked controversy when he smashed a piñata on stage, explaining that, “If candy doesn’t fall out, that’s how you know you’re still in the dream.”

DiCaprio’s statements have been attacked from all sides, with Mexican-American leaders calling them “nonsensical and culturally insensitive,” and President Trump tweeting, “Lightweight Leo DiCaprio, who enslaved one of my many black friends Deee-Jango (or was it Ben Carson? don’t remember) is trying to save rapist dreamers. So SAD!”

Adam Barsouk