[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

Google Search Results of Trump Raging about Google Search Results Go Viral

Trending: Trump anger over Google search results about his anger make him angrier, causing huge spike in search ranking for ‘Trump anger.’

The man in the White House, president for at least a little while longer, flew off the handle today about Google search results, saying they were biased against him. Immediately, stories about him complaining about Google flew to the top of the search engine, causing Trump to claim this only proved him right.

Trump Google Search Results rage“The Google machine immediately went into high gear, forcing bad stuff through the internet tubes about me again, right after I so righteously condemned them,” he tweeted, “proving me right! DANGEROUS!”

“The results when you type ‘Trump’ would make you believe there’s a lunatic psychopath in the White House, and we all know that’s just covfefe!” he continued.

As the former reality show star grew more vehement on the subject, more searches were made about this latest tweet storm, causing the subject to trend ever higher, finally reaching “viral” status with hashtags such as #RagingTangerine, #OrangeManTurnsRedWithRage and #GoogleyEyedTrumpRage.

Trump immediately floated the idea of regulating search engines. “I’ll put Mike Pence on this right away — he said can make sure every search result is unbiased and ‘right with the Lord,’ whatever that means,” he tweeted. “It’s got to be better than ‘right with Google,’ believe me.”

“While we’re at it, let’s outlaw hard-to-work computers and speaker phones. They’re a total disaster, and made to confuse everyone but elite computer geeks and 400-pound hackers,” he said.

“We’ll make sure search results are fair and balanced, by making most of them go to Fox News,” Trump said in a Fox & Friends interview. “The rest can be divided up by real news outlets, like Breitbart and Infowars, not fake ones like that crazy-ass humortimes.com!”

James Israel
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