This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Republicans, Tax Evasion and Facts Evasion

The news, as told through aphorisms, including tax evasion and even facts evasion!

The presidunce an idiot!

trump tax evasionHe’s very much admired in the muck.

Trump certainly is an accompliced politician.

Republicans are staging a full-scale Witless Protection Program.

Schiff happens. Get used to it.

We inquire, they perspire.

Trumpty-Dumpty sat on a wall / Trumpty-Dumpty had a bad fall / All the king’s horseshit and all the king’s men / Denied it and claimed it was “fake news” again!

Grate big cheeses.

Zuckerberg: Speaking Two-Facebook‘s agenda.

Zuckerberg’s focus is onlining his pockets.

Hey Britain: You Brexit, you buys it.

California was so terrifired it blacked out.

On the road today I saw another survey crew. Funny, they never ask me any questions.

In the big inning was baseball.

I never trusted Dracula right off the bat.

If vampires can’t see their own reflection in a mirror, how do they always get their hair to look so perfect?

Poltergeists are eerie-sponsible.

Don’t be superstitious, knock on imitation wood grain.

You made your bedlam, now sleep in it!

Ralph Lombard