Caught in the Trump Trap, al-Baghdadi Takes the Cheese!

al- Baghdadi cheese

Trump shows off his biggest Catch of the Day: Abu Bahr al-Baghdadi

al- Baghdadi

After Trump had this Photo-Op, he put the Rat Traps out for the White House vermin in the pantry – but this time, VP Mike Pence joins him. 

Shaking their heads at the messy Rat Trap before them; they look up to watch the Syria Raid Operation on a well-hung TV sharing buttered popcorn.

Mike, I’m gonna market this, what’da think,

“WE GOT THE OIL Popcorn”!

al- Baghdadi popcorn

Yes, Boss – you’re so clever!

Look at him, Mike – he’s bigger than Obama’s Osama & deader than a doornail!

They say you were holding this operation secret from the Dems.

Hell, yes – they’d just ruin my fun!  Now I can say it was a greater achievement than Obama’s bin Laden raid & you know what  – he can’t even produce Sons!

It’s not his fault he had girls.

BTW, where are your boys on a solemn night like this?

Something about bowling.  Bet you can’t say ‘Obama’s Osama’ 5 times!

(under his breath) Who wants to – you idiot!

Whad’ya say?

You say, al-Baghdadi cried like a baby?

Not really – but would my base believe me about his 3 kids with him?

They weren’t?

Who knows – ‘It’s made for TV’!  But, we watched it in real time together; we bonded, didn’t we Bro?

Well, you got me off the John – but it’s O.K.

Mike, help me with my speech, okay?  ‘We wanted him alive so we could kill him – but he was too quick’!

I don’t know, Donny.  How about this: ‘al-Baghdadi climbed on the Rat Trap & closed the metal bar on himself like a ride at Disneyland’! No, this is even better – ‘He committed suicide before eating anything & saved America money on Cheese’!  We’re a Team, boss!

No, I’m the Team!

You’re gonna take credit for this too?

Of course!  The way I see it – if I get rid of Isis, the Taliban & cure Cancer by New Years – they can’t Impeach me.

Do it before Christmas & I won’t tell them about Ukraine, the 2 blondes & the redhead!


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Marilyn Sands