Trump Plays ‘Hot Potato’ with Mike Pence!

Hot Potato with Mike Pence

Mike Pence bravely accepts all pandemics with Grace – unless his Mrs. finds out!

Don’t say Donald Trump doesn’t know how to delegate. 

For the latest crisis, he just passed his least favorite chores onto his Vice President: Compassion & America’s Safety!  

Sleepy from his trip to the Taj Mahal & a steaming bowl of McDonald’s ‘Hurry Curry’ – Trump’s starting to overtly turn over unpleasant tasks to his underlings.

And, no wonder he’s tired – in this pic he’s getting Uber directions to a Kuma Sutra Master Class!

Mike Pence

You can call it Jet Lag or Inertia – but I call it, ‘You knew I was a snake when I came down the escalator’!

But, Mike Pence isn’t Trump’s only lackey who got time in the barrel:

He asked DEVIN NUNES to make a Midnight Run to CVS for Melania’s Tampax!

MITCH McCONNELL for a Permission Note to play Golf during the Virus brouhaha!

LINDSEY GRAHAM to make a sign for the Oval Office, ‘For health reasons – I don’t shake hands unless there’s money in it’!

MICK MULVANEY to invite Vladimir Putin to the White House, but don’t alarm him… just tell him it’s for a ‘Masked Ball’! 

And, he asked BILL BARR to please, please… fire Mike Pence!

Marilyn Sands