This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Between Ghosts and Dreams

Ghosts live in the past, dreams live in the future, and we live in between.

ghostsThe real trick of life is finding the time before it runs away.

I used to feel like a complete unknown until I founded the latest self-help group: “Nobodies Anonymous.”

I’d like people a lot more if they weren’t such idiots.

Reality Television: Searching for demeaning of life.

Fear is the enemy of reason, which I fear is the reason I’m so scared.

Feel free to wave your flag, but not my rights!

To learn from your mistakes, quit blaming others.

To find out which way the wind is blowing you must first locate the bullshit pile.

Money is a rich man’s invention, to help him get richer.

The most ignorant people in the world are those that never ask any questions, but don’t ask me why!

There is also a narrow path leading straight to hell.

Propaganda celebrated itself thusly: “I’m writing a wrong.”

Lobbyists propose all politicians real lies.

Some politicians line up on the left, while others line up on the right, but they all end up stuck in the muddle.

I always try to see the good in others. With some people, I’m still looking.

Eventually, we’ll all be joining the “underground.”

Shakespeare scholars take note: Your toes, by any other name, would smell as feet.

I feel certain that UFO’s have landed here on Earth, if only to ask directions.

Consciousness is aware it’s at.

Ralph Lombard
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