“Weekend at Bernie’s” – Donald Style

Weekend at Bernie's
Weekend at Bernie’s

Just like the Laugh-Out-Loud movie “Weekend at Bernie’s” – looks like we’ll see ‘many Donald’s’ out & about in a neighborhood near you!

But don’t let it freak you out – there are many Donald Trump look-a-likes straight out of Central Casting he hired to pick up the slack & keep up the illusion of virility before the election.

Weekend at Bernie's

Seems like he wants to keep us guessing for our last 4 weeks or the ol’ slight of hand game: The ‘Hospital’ Donald, The ‘Tireless Campaigner’ Donald & The ‘Second Term’ Donald after his miraculous Covid recovery!

No one really knows if these dead ringers are human or just lots of wires & Super Glue – all anyone can figure out is – that one on stage with Biden didn’t have an On & Off switch!

Always the contrarian, Trump’s Doc told him he’s ‘not out of the woods’ yet; so he decided to go onto city streets!

Hey, I know Hospital food is bad – but send a flunky out for KFC!

Filled with a potent cocktail of steroids & unproven magical elixirs; ‘Hospital’ Donald made a surprise photo-op drive-by to show the Public, Putin & the Dow that he’s alive & well!

trump joy ride

No question the experimental drugs he’s taking has many side effects like forgetting you’re putting Secret Service Agents at risk, French Fry cravings & the need to hang your head out the car window like Rover!


Not sure which ‘Donald’ said he never met The Proud Boys, but one of them admits he sometimes gets them mixed up with The Beach Boys & The 4 Seasons…

Weekend at Bernie's

“Sher-ry, Sher-ry Baby…”

Luckily, we only have to vote out one!

Marilyn Sands