Anti-vaxxers/Q-Tips ‘Mistakenly’ Accept Mark of the Beast

Anti-vaxxers and Q-Anon have finally completely lost it, and unwittingly pledged allegiance to Satan.

Anti-vaxxers, the towering intellectual heavyweights of the Pro Virus Execution Mob and Q-Anon have finally lost their (quite literally?) God-Damn-Minds and unwittingly pledged allegiance to Satan.

Despite vehement protestations that this is more Fake News and a Big Lie of Satan (yeah that’s the dude who according to myriad GOP and Fake News Fox rant, is a guy Republicans really, really hate), Pope Francis, the Archbishop of Canterbury and other notorious as yet un-raptured infidels and sinners, and American churchgoing anti-vaxxers have just awoken to this widespread Great Apostasy….


So it appears they are now fleeing pro-virus and Q-Tip infested churches in droves!

In one final, last-ditch attempt to save face, the Wh… of Ba… sorry the False Prophetess, the aptly entitled Paula White-Cain, has just done some “sterling” work for her cause with an epic dose of Satanic PR press conferencing (that’s right, I used her more polite name instead; I mean even I’ve got SOME standards!) 😉

Rapture-doubting-pretend-Christian hypocrites, atheist traitors, liberal perverts, hatemongering Buddhists, non Trump voting Jews and other vicious, psychopathic, narcissistic, hateful spawn of Satan may well say that freely accepting the Coronavirus by refusing to get vaccinated is the Mark of the Beast, rather than freely accepting the vaccine!

But this is obviously not true and it’s just more projection and deflection from the children of Lucifer.

So, in case anybody has forgotten, here are all the signs by which we know something is the Mark of the Beast.

Oh, and… PSST! Remember, I’m not gonna tell you what to think.

Just you go and examine the evidence and decide for yourself!

God gave you a goddamn noggin to think with, now you better “flaming” well use it… LULZ!

1. The Mark of the Beast is some self evidently, obviously, unambiguously evil kind of symbol.


That’s right!

Oh, and SPOILER ALERT: this being so, it will not be possible for the Children of God to receive this Mark somehow unwittingly or out of carelessness.

The hideous Mark of Satan, is, after all, a moral problem.

However, what could possibly be less immoral than standing up for time-honored Biblical and American values like free market capitalism, deregulation, unconditional bodily autonomy, and the unconditional repudiation of socialised healthcare?

But lest you any of you brainwashed, fence-sitting morons out there should somehow have the temerity and the audacity to doubt my wisdom, why have so many of our followers been steadfastly prepared to refuse expensive resuscitation options on principle?

I mean like, especially how buying health insurance under the iniquitous Obama/Biden regime is probably a much better of overt and unrepentant Satanism than refusing the vaccine?!

2. The Mark of the Beast will send people crazy and only confirm them further in their wickedness.

Don’t listen to anybody who tells you vaccine choice is somehow motivated by “hate.”

I mean, unless you’ve seen Republicans going around committing domestic terrorism, declaring war on oppressed minorities and generally being hatemongering, loathsome Satanic death cultists, it is pretty blinding obvious who the real guys are, right?

Anti-vaxxers, trump blasphemy

3. The Mark of the Beast will only be accepted by people who are already suffering a comprehensive and quite possibly deadly infestation of hatred, wickedness and narcissistic psychopathy.

Again, it is a Goebbelsian Lie to compare this to freely accepting our virus!

After all, haven’t noticed that all the hatred and insanity is coming from the pro Vaxx community, and from them alone?

Vaccine mandates were oppressive when Hitler, Stalin, Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar and George III first conspired together to invent them and I am afraid nothing much has changed since then.

Your so called rights to physical survival and medical security should never trump my right to bodily autonomy.

My rights are absolute and yours are truly imaginary.

When Jesus was on earth he only healed people who obeyed his words such as “Render to Caesar what is Caesar and to God what is God’s.”

Then again that was then, this is now, and we should be careful about taking every passage in the Bible equally serious; I mean hey, remember when everybody was talking about “turn the other cheek” and “love your enemies” when the real domestic terrorists hurt our tremendous God and country on 9/11?

I mean, anyone who thinks the Sermon on the Mount has even the slightest relation to how we ought to deal with the enemies of God is clearly about as delusional as it gets, and probably on a level with ISIS and the Taliban; who by the way are also blatantly supported by Sleepy Joe Biden, who generally does seem to have a great deal in common with them.

4. The Mark of the Beast will not happen until the Rapture has finally occurred.

OK this is the most important one of all, so here goes!

… Well, I just cannot even begin to conceive of how a truly loving and compassionate God would let innocent, non-Satanic people undergo the absolute horror and trauma spoken of in the Book of Revelation.

I mean, there are so many people infected and contaminated nowadays with the deadly virus of ungodly hatred and malicious superstitions, I can totally get why he might let them get what’s coming to ’em.

But… buh-buh-buh-but US?!

I mean, it just doesn’t bear thinking about, does it!

What an awfully intellectually impoverished, morally disturbed, sickeningly unimaginative person you would have to be to think a thing like that!

I mean, some people truly are beyond help, aren’t they.

Satan was unavailable for comment as he is too busy meeting his “Most Favored Clients” crew…

More on this later if the human race is still alive by the time we get more info!

Jonathan Ferguson