Prop 22 Helps Gig Giants Strip Health Care from Low-Wage Workers

Jim Hightower

It’s just an attempt by Uber, Lyft and other gig giants to keep low-wage workers down. There’s a mournful Peggy Lee song that asks the existential question: “Is … Read more

Bringing a Rich, Aloof, Race-Baiting Congress Critter Down to Earth

Jim Hightower

A young civil rights champion in Texas has rallied to pull into a tie with Michael McCaul, incumbent race-baiting congress critter. Some people who get elected to Congress … Read more

Trump’s Rule of Lies and Partisan Judges

Jim Hightower

Trump’s lies and tactics are worthy of the sleaziest of tinpot dictators from the banana republics of old, as he continues to install partisan judges. Shortly after taking … Read more