No Beating Around the Bush, Trump Calls Mike Pence the ‘P Word’!

P word

What was the ‘P word’ Trump called Mike Pence on Jan 6th? It’s not what you think!

P word

Ivanka Trump’s Chief of Staff, Julie Radford told the Jan 6th Committee the ‘P word’ that Donald Trump told Mike Pence & that he said he made the wrong decision by picking him to be his Vice President!

Of course, on June 18, 2022 Trump denied calling Pence a wimp & said, “Mike did not have the courage to act” & dismissed the footage & searing testimony & said “Everything was edited selectively & doctored”!

If Trump denied calling Mike Pence ‘a wimp’ on the phone on Jan 6th – you can just imagine what he would say about reports saying he also uttered the dastardly P word!

P word

And, since we all find something charmingly devilish about hearing offensive words, I know there were many fine people on both sides who smiled sheepishly or chuckled under their breath when they first heard that Trump used the ‘P’ word on Pence!

Sure, I have an idea what it is – but because I’m of the female persuasion (and my reputation is on shaky ground as it is) I’m not even gonna go there!  haha

So, here are my Top 10 Guesses of what the ‘P’ word might have been that TRUMP called PENCE in anger!

10.  Pecker Head

9.  Piss Head

8.  Penis Breath

7.  ‘Penicillin Pete’


Whoa…I’m so sorry, wrong List!

Here we go!  These are just my Guesses

10.  Pigheaded

9.  Priggish

8.  Prude

7.  Piddling

6.  Pesky

5.  Puny

4.  Punk

3.  Pitiful

2.  Perverse

And, #1  Damn it – Thinner than me!

fat Trump

Marilyn Sands