This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: All the President’s Menace

It was all the President’s menace that lit the fuse.

The president’s menace lit the fuse

January 6th represents Donald Trump’s insurrectile dysfunction.

The Big Lie: A fiction for a faction.

Trump’s “Election Defense Fund” is the grift that keeps on giving.

Trump-tea, dumb-tea.

Ignorance hates what it doesn’t know.

Trump’s base dreams of a crude awakening.

Fox “news” demands the right to remain silent.

Republicans be traitors leading betray tours.

When the truth lies buried beneath a mountain of dirt, expect grave consequences.

Trump lives in the muddle of his own pathetic “looney-verse.”

In a revolution, what goes around comes around.

Greed always drives an expensive Karma.

Big Business is rotten all the way down to the corporation.

The rich get all the breaks while the middle class gets all broken.

Undue student debt.

Realists don’t believe in nothing.

Psychics are spoilers foretelling the future.

Artificial Intelligence: The facts of life are all a bot you.

Nudism is no wear to be found.

Ralph Lombard