Why I, Fani Willis, Carry So Much ‘Walking Around Money’ – Top 10

Fani Willis

Fulton County Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis shines as Truth Teller, Bank Avoider & Discreet Lover in the titillating portion of Donald Trump’s wrath in his RICO trial!

pocket money

I’m a big fan of Fani Willis – she’s shown courage, intelligence & spunk on the Witness Stand & she’s got it all – whether you call it Petty Cash, Pocket Money, Mad Money or a Slush Fund – she learned to spread it around from dear ‘ol Dad!

Satirically, here’s Fani’s Top 10 reasons why she carries so much ‘Walking Around Money’ & she ain’t no Sugar Mama!

10.  Why not? They found oil on my property!


9.  I have to – I give out 20’s to trick or treaters!

8.  I just won the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes & had to tip the mailman $6,000!

7.  FYI: Uber drivers don’t take ‘peanut butter cups’ for tips!

6.  Neither does my bookie!

5.  Winning at ‘bridge’ every Tuesday night can be very unpredictable & the damn petit four’s are three’s!

4.  I spoil my kids at Christmas: $1,000 in each stocking!

3.  Prayer shawls, Power Ball picks & Cheetos from my 7-11 really add up!

2.  I need the change – my daddy wants me to sell 1,000 copies of his new book, ‘Cash On The Barrel’ in front of Walmart!

And the #1 reason why I, Fani Willis have so much cash on hand…

In case I want to buy ‘Atlanta‘!

Fani Willis walking around money

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