Katie Britt: New Cooking Show a Big Hit with Passive Aggressives

Katie Britt

Cooking tips from a new TV Show starring Senator Katie Britt makes you want to whip someone (I mean, something) up!

If you watched President Biden’s ‘Cognitive Test’ Speech at the State of the Union where he aced it – you might’ve stayed for the Republican Party‘s response given by Katie Britt in her kitchen. And, you weren’t alone in your shock & awe!

She was such a big hit & expressive, she was immediately given a TV Cooking Show straight from her kitchen in Alabama.  So far, the Senator’s ratings are off the charts with ‘Passive/Aggressives’ & you deserve to read the Script!

“Katie’s Kitchen,” Rated R

“Welcome to ‘Katie’s Kitchen’ where smelling gas is the only way to go… if I have to. That’s right, my house is brimming with children & I go to my bolted kitchen to get away from them!

Today I offer Tips from my family recipes passed down from my grandmother who came over on The Mayflower. In fact, these recipes were served at the 1st Thanksgiving!

Katie Britt


The Indians gave it a thumbs up – while holding a Hatchet! They were that good!

Yes, America had a violent beginning & let’s hope some of these recipe tips make you take out your sharpest Kitchen Knives, Rolling Pins or Mandolin to let some blood like they did!


This week, no recipes just tips. If you feel like hitting someone or grabbing your Inflatable Doll’s crotch you’re not alone! haha

  • Stuff that Turkey like it’s never been stuffed before!
  • Truss your Bird & flip’er over!
  • Squash that carcass to fit in frigin’ WalMart pan!
  • Shuck that Corn & cream it!
  • Whip those Potatoes & whip it good!

Dessert? Piece of Cake! Separate 2 Eggs, the Whites from The Yellows! The Yellow should NEVER get in with The Whites.

  • Beat to Stiff Peaks!
  • Lick the Batter with your finger. Never ‘Double Lick’! 
  • Pummel…

“SUSIE get to bed!”

“That’s all the time we have, tune in next week for recipes & remembrances of my Aunt, Lady Godiva!”

Katie Britt as Lady Godiva

Marilyn Sands