[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

Trump: Like Andrew Jackson, Neville Chamberlain Had the ‘Right Idea’ at Munich in 1938

‘And also like my hero Andrew Jackson, Hitler was ready to work it out and avoid World War II the Second, but Churchill blew it.’Donald J Trump

WASHINGTON DC – President Donald J. Trump today blamed Sir Winston Churchill for not honoring Neville Chamberlain’s “historic peace agreement” at Munich in 1938, thus causing World War II.

Neville Chamberlain like Andrew Jackson
Sir Neville Chamberlain waves the Munich Agreement in 1938.

“Mr Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister, offered his people “a peace meant with honor’ or ‘appeasement with honor,’ as it’s sometimes called,” Trump said.

He went on to compare Chamberlain and President Andrew Jackson, “who would also have easily negotiated ‘a peace meant with honor’ with the southern states before the civil war.”

“World War II the Second could so easily have been avoided,” Trump noted. “Hitler made it quite clear in 1938 that occupying the Sudetenland was his last territorial demand in Europe. He just wanted to help out the Germans still living in Czechoslovakia.”

In the same way, Trump said,  the southern states also just wanted to help out a few of their African guest immigrants still living on their plantations, far away from home. But no, Lincoln wouldn’t let them.

The President went on to note that “at Munich in 1938 Hitler and Chamberlain arrived at a fair and honest arrangement acceptable to both sides.

“They even signed a piece of paper together, bearing both their signatures, which Mr Chamberlain actually showed to the British people when he arrived back in London. I’m sure that Jackson and Jeffrey Davis, the Confederate prime minister, could have done the same thing.

“But did that bad (sick) guy Churchill accept it? No! Not any more than Lincoln! In my opinion, Andrew Jackson could have been the Neville Chamberlain of his day and avoided everything.”

Trump added that he held Churchill completely responsible for the war that followed.

“Churchill and Lincoln,” he said, with a shudder. “They both have blood on their hands.”

Michael Egan