Love Sonnick* for a Trumpian Translator

The lady doth speak for the President
She tells the riff raff just what his words meant
Armed with a broad grin and bold jutted chin
She’s a goddess to the top one percent

I watch as she spins her magic on Fox
Mesmerized by her flowing blonde locks
To every tough query, she vamps a wild theory
With a dash of scorn that knocks off my socks

Obsessions are not for those who are lax
To win her heart I must go to the max
And send her a gift that’ll surely uplift
A basket that’s filled with alternative facts

Yes it is true, though I’m not proud to say
I’m a sucker for Kellyanne’s Con-ways

* a sonnet/limerick mash-up

© Rick Blum 2017

Rick Blum