[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

Revealed: 10 Other Options Considered to Break Tie in Virginia House Race

Ten other methods that were considered by the distinguished House of Delegates for breaking the tie in the Virginia House race.

After the race for a Virginia House of Delegates seat ended in a tie, state officials determined the winner by drawing a name out of a bowl, resulting in Republican David Yancey being declared the victor.

Virginia House Race tie breakerBefore settling on name-drawing, state officials also considered the following possible methods to break the tie:

10. Rock-paper-scissors

9. Hot dog eating contest

8. Bribery

7. Duel

6. Breath holding contest

5. Win goes to taller candidate

4. Drinking contest

3. Tarot reading

2. First candidate to correctly identity Virginia state bird

1. Vladimir Putin chooses winner

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Jeff Cahlon

Jeff Cahlon

Jeff Cahlon is an attorney and writer in New York. He writes political commentary and satire, and has had over 30 articles published on several different websites. Jeff has been named a "Top Writer in Satire" on Medium.
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