Invasion of the Aphorisms

Aphorisms to soothe your soul

Ironic, isn’t it, that it’s always the biggest “drips” that complain loudest about “leaks.”

Is Trump completely corrupt? The answer is whistle-blowing in the wind.

rudy giuliani AphorismsGiulani’s strategy is fool-proof.

Fox news something they wanted to hide.

If a tree falls in the forest but no one’s there to hear it… it’s fake news!

Conservatives mean business.

Anyone who still supports T. Rump is a horse’s ass. Sorry butt you are.

Evil can only thrive in a damnation.

Obviously you can’t blow-up hurricanes because you’d run out of wind.

No weather to nuke.

Please, Brazil, don’t Amazone out on us.

Wreck “Spaceship Earth” and we’ll all end up on a deserted ill land.

The Doomsday clock says: Politic-talk!

Warning: Vaperizing your lungs may leave you breathless.

Never fight with your pacifists.

Rhythm and Blues: The soul music I listen to.

I’m on my coffee break so donut disturb me.

I always carry my headstone around with me, in my baggie pants.

Comeuppance see me sometime.

Ralph Lombard