Some Bomb Cyclone Lessons

Some Bomb Cyclone Lessons
Emeritus Professor of English at SUNY-Buffalo
Howard R. Wolf is Emeritus Professor of English and Senior Fellow at SUNY-Buffalo and the author of three memoirs, a novel (Broadway Serenade), personal essays, and many short stories.A Fulbright Scholar in Turkey and South Africa,he is now putting together a collection ofstories, EXILES BY STARLIGHT, and a play, HOME AT THE END OF THEDAY. Mr. Wolf is a graduate of Horace Mann School, Amherst College(BA), Columbia (MA), and The University of Michigan (PH.D) where he won a Hopwood for fiction. Howard lives in Amherst, New York where he writes and cultivates a small garden.
Howard R. Wolf
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Here are some “bomb cyclone” lessons many of us learned during the recent episode. Bomb cyclone lessons learned: Most of us turn out to be more self-reliant and … Read more

The Jerry Duncan Show Interviews Texas U.S. Congressman Joaquin Castro

The Jerry Duncan Show Interviews Texas U.S. Congressman Joaquin Castro
Dean B. Kaner is a playwright and screenwriter, having co-produced and co-written plays for the stage with performances in New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Boston, Detroit, Phoenix and Memphis. Check out The Jerry Duncan Show on YouTube, as well as on Instagram, and the sketch comedy A Bit of Biden (on Instagram) and at @abitofbiden on TikTok.
Dean Kaner

Wherein our intrepid talk radio show host interviews Texas U.S. Congressman Joaquin Castro. ANNOUNCER Live from under a rock in your backyard, it’s The Jerry Duncan Show. JERRY … Read more

Invasion of the Aphorisms

Invasion of the Aphorisms
I was born a young baby. Then I grew up. Then I grew confused. Then I grew tired. I'm a 20th century man who's somehow been transported to the 21st century, with one foot in the gone past and the other in the here now. I started my blog mymanymoodsofme toward the end of 2012. There I write humorous essays, stories and poems (lyrics from my songs), in addition to my aphorisms. It's good work... if you get it. In my spare time I play chess, write songs, and reflect upon what I see. I'm very happy to be colluding with Humor Times, and hope you enjoy the result. Cheers!
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Aphorisms to soothe your soul Ironic, isn’t it, that it’s always the biggest “drips” that complain loudest about “leaks.” Is Trump completely corrupt? The answer is whistle-blowing in … Read more

Beat the Heat

The New York Times says Emmy-nominated comedian and writer Will Durst “is quite possibly the best political satirist working in the country today.” The Humor Times says "Durst is the Sage of Satire, the Learned Lampooner, the King of Political Satire!" Check his website for upcoming stand-up performance dates. Will's books, including Elect to Laugh! A Hilarious, Common Sense Guide to American Politics are available at Amazon and better bookstores all over this great land of ours. From Ulysses Press.
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Presenting the top ways to stay cool during the hottest summer ever. Humans cherish our seasonal grievances. In the winter, we enthusiastically complain about the cold. It’s what … Read more

If He Were a Groundhog

If He Were a Groundhog
J. Wade is a retired Chief Financial Officer from Missouri. He has had humor articles published in the Humor Times, USA Today, The Journal of Irreproducible Results and Unhinged Magazine, which is now defunct (not his fault).
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An interview with the world’s most famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil. Everyone is done with winter and is wondering when spring will arrive. Well, there is some good news. … Read more