This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Their Lies the Answer They Want

Those trapped by their lies often seek an “escapegoat.”

Maria Yovanovitch is my Lady Liberty, and Trump’s been hating on her yet again.

their liesBeside themselves, narcissists only love mirrors and yes-men.

Rudy Giuliani suffers from assed-reflex syndrome.

Nunes knows corruption when he seize it.

Time to Pompeo the Piper. Or do I mean Viper?

The president believes in “sacrificial” alter-egos.

Trump rallies sell a berating meanness.

It takes a really “tall” tale to wag the dog.

Too bad they can’t liposuction the fat out of people’s heads!

Beware the inter-nyet.

Bloomberg: Thanks for the offer, but do you really think the middle-class needs another one-percenter looking after their interests?

Iconoclastic is made out of plastic.

To lead people, you must first move them.

Politicians: Consider the sighs of a rapidly shrinking middle-class.

Will someone please explain to the huge corporations that we want them to go by the law, not go buy the law!

You’re free too. Love your country.

When the chips are down, don’t be a dip!

Life is too short not to get along.

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror, and see who blinks first.

Ralph Lombard