Why Won’t Trump Quit Like Nixon? Top Ten Reasons!

The Senate won’t convict, but could Trump quit? You must be hallucinating!

Trump quit
Trump quit

Donald Trump
Would Trump quit? Photo: Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons.

Melania Trump always said Donald is a Big Fighter, and when it comes to not resigning – in his own words – here’s proof he’s like a dog with a bone…

10.   Bill Barr tucks me in!

9.   Why should I – my Wall has 3 feet to go!

8.   Why would I – my Chinese Laundry just got it right…

         NO STARCH in my Jock Strap!

7.   I don’t want Giuliani to know my forwarding address!

  6.   I’m not finished crocheting my ‘Home Sweet Home’ pillow!

5.   ‘Air Force One’ won’t fit in my Mar-a-Lago Garage!

4.   I’d miss Mitch McConnell calling me ‘King Liar’…I mean ‘Lear’!

3.   My psychiatrist says I have a Pre-existing Condition & wouldn’t have Obamacare!

2.   In Florida, Lindsey Graham wants to Airbub-crash our in-laws Suite!


                     I’d have to start lying at Golf!

Trump quit

Marilyn Sands