Sure-Fire T-Shirt Slogan Ideas for the 2020 Election

Need 2020 slogan ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

Slogan Ideas for the 2020 Election:

What if the Dems had said “A black man will never win the Presidency” back in 2008? Think Bernie.

Slogan Ideas, red hats
2020 slogan ideas: Here’s one for red hats.

You don’t have to be a liberal to think that Trump is a danger to the U.S.

The Swamp has refilled and is even murkier than ever.

You don’t have to be a Democrat to think that Trump is unfit for office.

You can get rid of Trump and still be an upstanding Republican. In fact, you would even be more of one.

Why am I only allowed two political parties to choose from?

You don’t have to be a socialist to support Bernie.

Vote Trump for a more arrogant, self centered, fascist America.

How can you be smart enough to earn billions, yet dumb enough to spend a lot of it on an election campaign?

Ready to get Berned, Trump?

What is the difference between U.S. political campaigns and a circus? It is a lot cheaper to get into the circus.

The red baseball cap this year will read — ‘Make My Bank Account Great Again!’

So many candidates; so many white people!

The political campaign this year raised America’s carbon footprint by double!

Maybe in this year’s election the Electoral College will again pull the Trump card…

Trump never stopped campaigning since the 2016 election.

Actually it would have WARREN-ted there being a woman in the White House this time.

End sex slavery in America — someone rescue Melania.

Is correct name the Electoral College or the Dictatorial College?

They should include in the White House tour the basement rooms where they torture possible Republicans candidates for President into not running.

Roger Freed