This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Barr-King Dogmas

All dogs go to heaven, all dogmas go to hell!

barr dogmas
Bill “The Pimp” Barr has his dogmas.

Trump’s living on Barr-owed time.

We need law and order, not loss and orders.

Stonewalls belong in prison.

Trump: A great American suck-cesspool story.

Ooze swamp is it anyway?

Trump richly deserves financial scrutiny.

Warning: Smoking guns may be hazardous to your wealth.

Out go subpoenas, income taxes.

I hope Trump eventually gets his wallop.

Preda-tours end in jail.

Nostalgia: Looking at things backwardly.

The only thing one-percenters want to fix is the election.

It was “moderate” Democrats who argued that Trump couldn’t win.

Without enough change we become a stagnation.

Bernin’ love trumps cold-hearted hate every time!

Free education from student debt.

They say soaps are the best way to avoid the coronavirus, so stay home and watch ’em.

Life goes on… line.

Don’t Pence me in!

Ralph Lombard