The (Satirical) Trump Overthrow Coup!

Trump overthrow

The cooped-up American people have spoken & Mitch McConnell has responded! Listen in as he and his cohorts plan a Trump overthrow!

When our Savior, Dr. Anthony Fauci covered his face & wiped his brow in the White House Press Room – Mitch McConnell saw the writing on the wall…

…his Senators must take Trump to an undisclosed location & gag him – but how?

Gathered together in the bowels of the Capitol; sweaty women & men (well, not Jim Jordan) pitched ideas after Mitch finally prostrated himself.

With hat in hand, Mitch bellowed, ‘We let Trump get away with more than we bargained for & now we must make amends – are you with me’?

JIM JORDAN – ‘I don’t know boss – he could be right, the Coronavirus could be caused by Windmills’!

Trump overthrow

STEVEN MNUCHIN – ‘I’m confused – my wife wants to know if she’ll still get the $1,000 Stimulus Check’!

SUSAN COLLINS – ‘Whatever you say, Mitch – I’ll be over by the Potted Plant if you need me’!

trump overthrow

LISA MURKOWSKI – ‘Susan’s such a slouch – whereas I’ve read every Rally Speech & I’m still not sure we should do this’!

KELLY LOEFFLER – ‘Could you make this quick; I have the last flight to Tahiti in 10 minutes’!

Trump overthrow

RICHARD BURR – ‘Damn, I was this close to getting on that flight to Tahiti’!

JOHN KENNEDY – ‘I’m torn because I’m on that Chloroquine anti-malaria drug for my arthritis & feel pretty good’!

LINDSEY GRAHAM – ‘I’ll have more of an idea after my next 8 holes at Mar-a-Lago’!

MIKE POMPEO – ‘I’m on the fence with this – my Frequent Flyer Miles are just about to roll over to Platinum’!

TED CRUZ – ‘The way we do it in Texas is shoot first & ask questions later – let’s go’!


DEVIN NUNES – ‘Let’s creep up on him’!

Trump overthrow

WILLIAM BARR – ‘Why not just get a new Immune guy’!

KEVIN McCARTHY – ‘Sorry Boss – I’ll be coloring eggs for ‘Trump’s Virus-Finale Easter Parade’!

Trump overthrow

Marilyn Sands