[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

Trump Discovers New Blue MAGA

Trump excited to win over Dems with new Blue MAGA hat, then has biggest temper tantrum yet.

The White House staff has been more on edge than usual this week due to a stunning shift in Trump’s emotions from ecstatic jubilance to furniture-breaking temper tantrum. It seems that at the beginning of the week, Trump saw an ad encouraging Democrats and others to buy new MAGA t-shirts, ties and hats all in blue to show their party affiliation.

Blue MAGATrump became so excited he only watched the beginning of the ad and quickly called on his staff to order ten thousand of each, which he was going to pass out to staff and offer to his long term supporters to show that they had infiltrated the Democratic Party.

He ordered that the first batch be delivered to his office immediately when it arrived. Amazon delivered it to his office in two days, and the gloating President could hardly wait to open the box. He immediately put on one of the blue caps and admired his image in a mirror. “Now no one can deny it when I say I’m the President of all the people.”

Trump turned around quickly when he heard the aide who had unpacked the box gasp and shout “OMG.” The young woman was holding a sheet of paper that was in the box, and her hands were shaking. “What is it woman?” he shouted. She started to hand it to him, but he yelled louder. “You know I don’t read things myself. Read it to me!”

“I can’t,” cried the woman as she dropped the paper on the desk and ran out of the room. A few minutes later, the Secret Service ran into the room and found the President tossing chairs, vases, and anything not tied down around the room as he swore with every three and four letter word he could muster.

Here is what he read on the paper. With Blue MAGA, you show your pledge to vote Trump out of the Presidency in 2020. MAGA can now stand for any A word to describe Trump that you choose. The following are some examples: Make the Abomination Go Away. And for real Christians: Make the Antichrist Go Away. Restrictions on written vulgarity do not allow us to add our primary choice, but use your imagination to guess. Thank you for joining the Blue MAGA Tidal Wave!

Trump was particularly upset, because he couldn’t figure our what the secret word was, that is, until he heard a maintenance worker whisper it under his breadth in disgust as he cleaned up the debris.

Diane de Anda