Step Right Up, Folks and Play the Political Sideshow Game

Political Sideshow Game

There’s a political sideshow sucker born every minute – don’t let it happen to you!

Political Sideshow Game

Come one, come all, to the political sideshow & see the orange creature found in a swamp.  In this pit is a living breathing human being that once was – well, a glob of protoplasm or slime, if you will!


Gather ’round – you’re about to behold a sight so strange, so horrifying, so utterly monstrous – you’ll want to turn away – but can’t!

I’m here to say – he’ll swear, he’ll swagger & he’ll smile like a…well, you know!

Political Sideshow Game

But, it’ll cost you 1 Vote (& a little pittance for me) & I’ll be on my way.  I’m what they call ‘a Closer’ & I don’t care who you vote for – just vote!

Rain, Snow, Sleet, Hangover, Covid Germs – there’s no excuse for not casting a ballot – even this president’s plumber said, ‘Trump’s pulled worse things out of his butt’!


Come in a little closer & I’ll tell you a little secret.  Don’t be shy…

Trump’s crude, rude & vicious!  Yes, now he says he’s gonna get vicious!  Eww…

You heard him – he calls people names, forgets sh–, but remembers his enemies!

And, he can give an hour speech using only adjectives!

And, to the dismay of quite a few – he’s proven he’s immune to Covid – but yet, was a Super Spreader to 200,000!

And, brags about it!

Political Sideshow Game

Trump cartoon

You see, it’s my obligation to tell you about the freaks of this world & we have ’em all here…’Bessie the 2 Nosed Cow’, ‘The Great Regurgitator’ – even ‘The Gargantuan Breast Lady’ – that’s why I’m giving you a different pic!  ha ha


Okay, the best I can do is this…


What do you want from me?

circus dog

I give up!

bearded lady

This is a tough crowd!

There’s a sucker born every minute – don’t let it happen to you! 


Marilyn Sands